The world is changing, and India is renascent. An already recognized world player, the vision of our nation being rightfully termed as a ‘Superpower’ is very much in sight. The road ahead for us, though clear, is not yet paved. There exist challenges, which we will have to overcome, to finally stand on the podium and claim greatness as ours. Our greatest strength is also our biggest weakness. The dichotomy of having a large young workforce and yet our industries struggling to find suitable talent is much too obvious. This lacuna stretches across skill and education levels. It could be our biggest challenge yet. Beyond the NSDC tie up, Parshav Education also works with a lot of Government agencies on a variety of initiatives across the country. A majority of these initiatives target youth from under-served sections of society and work towards mobilizing, training, employing and hence empowering them with a chance towards a brighter future.

Apart from our newer initiatives, we are increasing the National foot-print of Parshav Education in the space that has been our forte- Corporate Training Solutions and Entrepreneurship Development.. We now operate in?? Districts spread across 3 States. The large scale of expansion is ready evidence that Parshav Education is and will continue providing the best quality training solutions tailor made to address specific business challenges of leading corporate. We take immense pride in being the learning partner to the nation, its people and its industry. A partnership that could just be integral to India’s successes in the time to come.

Motivating Youth to voluntarily join skill development.