Our Sectors

Parshav Education launched its initiative in 2009 with a model skill training campus in Haryana. More than 7000 candidates have been reached by Parshav Education with many courses and sub-courses. Parshav Education has chosen to take the path less trodden when choosing the trades as well as the areas where it will take this national initiative. We feel skill training is primarily the privilege of the semi-formal and informal sector school dropouts, and real results will come only from taking the initiative to their doorsteps with locally relevant training. From a wide list of Sectors, we have chosen the following sectors looking also to fit them to the aspiration needs of the target audience:

  • Hospitality & Services
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture & Horticulture
  • Retail Sevices
  • I.T and Accounting
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Soft Skills
  • Electronics
  • Customer Service
  • Beauty culture
  • Gems & Jewellary
Shifting away from the educational qualification based system of technical training, Parshav Education adopts a more aspiration based approach in selection of trades as well as the training methodology. Parshav Education will target the skills best suited to the bottom of the Pyramid. A sector wise sample set of skills that align with our focus on is shown below. (This list is only indicative and does not indicate actual courses being run)

Motivating Youth to voluntarily join skill development.